Current Sensors for suitable energy  

The customer is a leading manufacturer of wind turbines in India. With a huge market for wind energy, India is a very competitive in terms of prices and the customer was launching a value engineering project which involved replacing the large copper cabling with cheaper aluminum cabling. This change required changes in their existing 1000A sensor to accommodate a large diameter cable.


The Electrohms solution with a larger opening for an aluminum conductor.


The Challenge

The customer wanted to reduce the overall cost of cabling by switching from copper to aluminium. The aluminium conductor would involve a large inner diameter for the primary conductor without changing the overall size of the sensor.

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Design Constraints

• PCB size reduced and less area for assembly, same component count.
• Higher temperature rise.
• Coil construction – smaller core overall. Large inner diameter. Winding constraints.


The Solution

Electrohms developed an entirely new electrical and mechanical design with new processes to wind the coil to create a sensor with a smaller overall size.
We had to model thermal characteristics and deliver an improved thermal design to ensure reliable sensor performance.
Using a range of design tools and proven rapid prototyping processes Electrohms designed and developed the samples on time, meeting system performance requirements. Electrohms offered the customer an entirely new design which provided better value for their system.

"Working with the Electrohms team was like doubling our internal engineering staff.
They worked with us like true partners, helping to get us to our goal faster."