Control of  Power and drives in Railways,  requires  expertise in Power Electronics.   Electrohms   offers a range of accurate, reliable  transducers for the measurement of current  and voltage , that provides control and protection signals for locomotive and  stationary  track side applications.


Traction Converters

The traction inverter has to convert energy efficiently and power the drive motors of the locomotive. The conversion of energy (from direct current into three-phase alternating current) is made possible only by state-of-the-art power electronics.  ELECTROHMS offers closed loop current sensors and  hall effect based voltage transducers for these critical traction converter applications.

Auxilary Converters

Auxilary converter forms part of the auxiliary drive system in the ac locomotive which is primarily used for supplying power to loads such as fans, blowers, lighting the cabin and also charging the locomotive battery. It  typically has  a  IGBT configuration and is fed from the auxiliary winding of the locomotive transformer. ELECTROHMS has developed current sensors to meet the specifications of the manufacturers.

Electronic Rectified Regulated Unit

The ERRU 4.5Kw & 25 kW used in Indian Railway AC, non AC coaches , has input supply of 3-phase AC voltage generated from a brushless alternator. The output of the alternator is an  AC  variable voltage and variable frequency depending on the speed  of the train. The  AC voltage is converted to regulated DC voltage as required for AC and non AC coaches. It also charges a battery bank through a voltage and current controller. ELECTROHMS  closed loop current sensors are  being used by  manufacturers of  ERRUs for Indian Railways.

Featured Product


2000 Amps rated closed loop type Hall effect current sensor , with housing made from UL rated plastics. Dielectric strength 6KV rms, Operating temperature range   - 40 deg C to + 85 deg C. with M5 terminals .

Custom Solution Design

We can work with you to develop custom sensors for your unique needs.