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Which is better shunt or Hall effect current sensors?

  • With Respect to Power consumption and temperature rise in case of power consumption and heat dissipation by shunt is more when compare to HECT.
    Example: consider a shunt 100A with 75mV output ,at 100mA flowing  through it


Which will result in temperature rise of shunt

For 100A HECT ,HE100T01

Power consumption is calculated as fallows








  • Galvanic isolation between primary and secondary. In HECT the Output is galvanically isolated with respect to primary conductor with dielectric breakdown strength of 3.3KV (generally) ,Output signal of HECT can be designed to interface,To the signal process circuit since the output is galvanic isolated in case of shunt, The output of shunt has to be processed by including isolation amplifier as a part of signal process circuit.

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