The Indian telecom industry has grown rapidly during the last few years and is poised for even further growth. India has the third largest telecom network in the world and the second largest mobile network with over a billion subscribers . Telecom base stations generate huge volume of data , which is critical for the Industry. Electrohms current and voltage sensors play vital role  here.


Telecom power supplies

Telecom systems requires  power supply units which are reliable and ready to be brought into operation at any time. AC and DC power solutions are required for fixed and wireless network operations. The  Telecom power supplies uses switched mode power modules with plug-in technology.

ELECTROHMS offers both AC and DC current sensors for manufacturers of power supplies.

DC Energy Meter

Telecom industry has a challenge of reducing energy costs and it has to reduce the losses arising out of diesel , power pilferage and tampering of DG counters.

DC Energy meters are installed in Towers , that provide accurate measurement of DC power consumed and provide of billing to the service providers. ELECTROHMS offers , split core open loop type current sensors for the Energy metering.

Featured Products


Split core type open loop hall current sensors

Rated current from 50 A to 500 A , for cable sizes from 20 mm and 40 mm,

input voltage + 5 volts .

Custom Solution Design

We can work with you to develop custom sensors for your unique needs.