Solar & Wind

Renewable energy is clean, affordable, domestic, and effectively infinite. Wind energy is now one of the most cost-effective sources of new generation, competing with new installations of coal, gas and nuclear power. Solar energy can be used for generating electricity during the day and complements wind energy generated during the night. Electrohms  offers wide range of current and voltage sensors designed specifically for these applications.



The Solar string monitoring (SSM)assembly uses hall effect  current sensors to provide measurement of string currents.  The string currents measured are accessible over MODBUS through a RS-485 communication port by a central monitoring/SCADA software system. photo voltaic energy management  (PVEM) uses HECT for monitoring the PV systems , Electrohms  offers a Master and slave configuration that enables monitoring of 8 /12/24 channels in compact size.

Central/Off Grid Inverters

Central inverters are designed for applications such as : large arrays installed on buildings, industrial facilities , and field installations – they are basically very large string inverter.Low capital price per watt,High efficiency, Comparative ease of installation are some of the advantage.

Off Grid Inverters are for smaller stand  alone installations and handle lower power . Electrohms offers closed loop type hall effect current sensors for wide range of currents to manufacturers of central inverters and off grid inverters.

Converters For Wind Energy

The converter is a key element of the wind turbine. Converters that can enhance turbine power output through innovative control schemes and improve generator performance are preferred due to their  flexible and complete frequency converters help provide reliability, availability, low operating costs, grid compliance and network quality for increased productivity.

Featured Products




Specially developed current sensor for wind turbine converter application, has very compact dimensions and easy to mount.


Data Sheet of HEB200T01

Data Sheet of HEC1K0T01

Data Sheet of HEA500T01

Custom Solution Design

We can work with you to develop custom sensors for your unique needs.