Custom Design

When an off-the-shelf component won't work, we can partner with you to design and produce custom current sensors for your unique needs. Whether your challenge is regulatory compliance or technology innovation, we can help reduce time to market and improve your bottom line.

We carefully investigate the design objectives based on the inputs received from you.
Based on cost, size, packaging, electrical performance, certification or approvals required, we create a template of product design
Quote submitted with clear specifications, lead times for prototype and production batches, along with commercials
Rapid prototyping ensures quick shipment and reduction in approval time.
After acceptance of prototypes, a test and acceptance criteria is prepared and same is set up for the regular production batches by our production and Quality assurance team
We ensure that the product required is delivered within the accepted schedule. Hence, if you require a customized solution, we are the right organization to be contacted


  • Improve time-to-value
  • Reduce production costs
  • Improve system performance
  • Meet regulatory requirements

Case Studies