Health & Science

Designers working in the Health & Science segment use standard commercially available medical power supplies. Electrohms has designed and developed current sensors for use in medical imaging systems


Medical Imaging

In a wide variety of imaging applications, including ultrasound and X-ray machines, and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) systems,Electrohms  offering a large variety of  modified and custom Products

Power Supplies

In healthcare industry, most medical imaging designers now a days elect to use standard commercially available medical power supplies. Electrohms provides a wide variety of customized and configurable AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies.

Featured Product

These products are used in measurement of Alternating and Direct Current in electrical and electronic equipments such as SMPS, UPS, industrial drives AC drives & DC drives, Control in process application like light control, Heater load control etc


VH series - User specified primary resistor where the user connects a primary resistor in series with the transducer. The value of the primary resistor R1 is selected according to the voltage to be measured. This approach allows for maximum flexibility.



Custom Solution Design

When an off-the-shelf component won't work, we can partner with you to design and produce custom current and voltage sensors for your unique needs. Whether your challenge is regulatory compliance or technology innovation, we can help reduce time to market and improve your bottom line.

We carefully investigate the design objectives based on the inputs received from you.
Based on cost, size, packaging, electrical performance, certification or approvals required, we create a template of product design.
Quote submitted with clear specifications, lead times for prototype and production batches, along with commercials.
Prototyping ensures quick shipment and reduction in approval time.
After acceptance of prototypes, a test and acceptance criteria is prepared and same is set up for the regular production batches by our production and Quality assurance team.
We ensure that the product required is delivered within the accepted schedule. Hence, if you require a customized solution, we are the right organization to be contacted.